I bet you think this song is about you ... Well, it apparently is, Mariah Yeater.

Teen titan Justin Bieber has penned a song about Yeater, the woman who claimed he had fathered her child.

Last November, Yeater filed a paternity claim accusing the singer of impregnating her after an alleged backstage romp in a bathroom at one of Bieber's shows in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old fan also demanded Bieber "provide adequate support for my baby," and take a paternity test to prove that he was the father of her then-three month old baby boy, Tristyn.


Bieber vehemently denied the allegations, telling the Today show that he had "never met the woman".

"I think it's crazy because every night after the show I'm gone, right from the stage to my car so it's crazy that some people want to make up such false allegations. But to set the record straight, none of it is true."

Bieber later took a DNA test, which proved that he was not the father.

Yeater swiftly withdrew her legal action after her ex-partner came forward claiming that he was the child's father.

'There's a song about that girl...'

The pop phenom told reporters during a listening session for his new album, Believe, in London on Monday that he's written a track about Yeater.

"There's a song about that girl - Mariah Yeater - that said she was gonna have my baby," said Bieber, according to the Daily Mail.

"There are songs about things I'm going through. I wrote songs about different situations."

But his baby-mama-drama song might not end up on the album.

"We've recorded like 40 songs," Bieber said.

"Every song has a piece of me, it's hard to pick," he added. "I wrote almost all of them or co-wrote them."

He also confirmed that he has worked with Drake, Ludacris, Taylor Swift and Kanye West, saying, "it's so cool to do different styles and step out of my comfort zone".

Bieber is also quoted by tabloid The Sun as saying he's gone for a "more grown-up sound" with his forthcoming album.

"I definitely had something to prove but I did it justice. You'll be blown away," he said.

"Every song has a piece of me. I love all of them."

The singer also dropped by Capital FM to dish some details about his collab with Drake.

"The song's called Right Here and it's a smash!" he said. "People are gonna love it. It just rides so smoothly."

Check out Bieber talking about the Drake track below:

Over the weekend, The Biebs took to Twitter to have a pop at Yeater.

During "RANDOMTWITTERHOUR," where he shares random thoughts with his legions of fans, he wrote: "Dear mariah yeeter [sic] ...we have never met...so from the heart i just wanted to say..." and posted a link to an audio clip from the movie Borat, with Sacha Baron Cohen's character saying "You will never get this" repeatedly.

And so anticipation mounts over Bieber's baby-mama-drama-track. What to expect? It's probably safe to assume it won't be a love song.

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