First of all, calm right down. It's only the teaser for the trailer, but there's enough in the first look at the

Total Recall

remake to fire up all the fanboys. You'd better believe I'm one of them. This remake is directed by Len Wiseman, stars Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale and Bryan Cranston and is due out on September 6. And the full-length trailer will land Sunday. So get ready to get your asses back to Mars.(



2. If you like yourself a bit of Smashing Pumpkins - and I'm talking about the Pumpkins of old - then check out Silversun Pickups' new song, Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings). They've hit the button marked "Arcade Fire-style sprawling epic" on us, which is no bad thing. Third album Neck of the Woods is due out May 7. If iTunes' floors weren't so hard, I'd camp out overnight for it. (YouTube)

3. Trust Sacha Baron Cohen to fool everyone. His new film The Dictator looked to be cut from the same cloth as Borat and Bruno, but the new trailer shows it's an entirely different film altogether, with a plot change that early previews didn't even hint at. Watch it here and see for yourself. (Apple)

4. Aubrey Plaza fans rejoice. The Parks and Recreation hottie is all over the new film from the guys behind Little Miss Sunshine, Safety Not Guaranteed. It's about an unlikely group of journos who answer a newspaper ad from a guy with a time travel machine. We've all been there. Watch the first trailer here. (Apple)

5. It very well could be the last time we ever see the Gorillaz in action, so check out the new video for DoYaThing, featuring Andre 3000, James Murphy and some particularly awesome animated action. (YouTube)

6. Early footage of Nine Inch Nails performing Down In It on cheeseball live 80s music show Dance Party USA has surfaced. Trent Reznor's undercut is awful and I'm 97.6 per cent sure they're miming, but it's the dancing by the studio fans that really impresses. (Pitchfork)

7. Here's Damon Albarn's new song, The Marvelous Dream, taken from Dr Dee, a gentle acoustic album he's releasing in May. What happened to getting that Blur reunion to New Zealand? (NME)

8. Tommy Ill is one of my favourite local rappers, and his new album is streaming right here, right now. Oh, and the ad for his album is, erm, weird. And NSFW. (nzherald.co.nz)

9. The Flaming Lips and Bon Iver appear an unlikely combination, and their Record Store Day collaboration Ashes in the Air does little to persuade anyone that they should ever hook up again. The song is awkward, weird and NSFW. (Pitchfork)

10. Cute kid with fringe stands in forest and sings a song about a girl. So it's no wonder young Kiwi group Five Mile Town's first single Saturate has become a bit of a YouTube hit since landing a few days ago. Aww. (Twitter)

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