People's Climate March Auckland will kick off a series of marches around New Zealand and the world.

People and organisations around New Zealand are banding together to stage the largest climate march in the history of the country - and they implore you to join them.

The mobilisation, beginning in Auckland's Albert Park at 11am on Saturday, November 28, and continuing down the country, will launch a series of global marches in major cities all over the world. It is been claimed that this will be the largest global mobilisation against climate change in history. It's timed to coincide with the approaching international climate conference in Paris - COP21 - which is the biggest global climate summit this decade.

The Global People's Climate March is being promoted and supported by every major charity and climate network on the planet. Some cities are expecting up to 500,000 people marching in the streets.

The March in Auckland is expected to be the biggest in New Zealand. It will also finish with a mass haka on Queen street. According to the organisers this will be filmed and distributed globally with the intention of sending an inspirational challenge to politicians and other people marching around the globe.


The message from the organisers is if you want to see a safe and clean climate, a rise in renewable energy, more green jobs, or empathy for people and the natural world alike, you should seriously consider joining the march to ensure your voice is heard.

The People's Climate March will send a message to the globe's most powerful decision makers: start protecting the people of the world, act against climate change, and stop defending polluters.

Find out where your local march will be taking place on Saturday, November 28 by visiting the People's Climate March website. There you can also see the vast number of public organisations that are helping to arrange the march - and also how your group can register to get involved.

Here's the People's Climate March lesson on how to do the haka:

This is how last year's global movement kicked off in Melbourne:

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