Thousands of protesters gathered in Aotea Square in Auckland on Saturday 15 August to rally against the controversial, criticized, and secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.

Demonstrators shouted "TPPA, walk away" in unison as they marched down Queen Street to the United States Consulate, where organisers and politicians spoke and led chants. The march remained peaceful, and there was a limited police presence.

Children with balloons and face paint joined the march as well as numerous foreigners, despite warnings to avoid the demonstration.

Those who oppose the agreement complain that it would limit New Zealand's sovereignty, and consequently its ability to monitor and control national problems like climate change and healthcare.


"We will stand against this secret, dodgy deal that takes the power away from the people and the power away from the government," said speaker Jane Kelsey. "Who loses? The people and the environment. Who wins? The corporations."

As Kelsey stepped away from the stand, crowds began a reverberating chant of, "who's got the power? We've got the power. TPPA, walk away."

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