An eco-friendly shower system called Nebia has received astronomical backing in the few days since the project was posted on Kickstarter.

The shower atomises water into a fine mist, dispensed from the shower head or removable hand wand, significantly reducing water wastage whilst providing enough for a proper wash.

Nebia has been in the planning stage for five years, and now it has already received immense support on its Kickstarter page. Donors committed over $1m in the first two days of the campaign. The initial stated goal was a mere US$100,000.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Alphabet chair Eric Schmidt are both among the early backers of Nebia. Cook made a personal investment in the Nebia company, whilst Schmidt directed it from his charity organisation, the Schmidt Family Foundation. Apple and Google have also both installed Nebia prototypes in their premises to help with the development process.


Nebia says their product creates literally millions of droplets of water, which it claims cover 10 times more surface of the body than a regular shower, and simultaneously uses 70 percent less water than a traditional system.

Carlos Gomez devised and spearheaded the project, when he wanted to upgrade the showers at the Mexico City health club he owns. He collaborated with entrepreneur Philip Winter and ex-iPhone manufacturer Gabriel Parisi-Amon to allow the Nebia to be produced. The San Francisco base of the Nebia company amounts to only seven staff.

Check out the Kickstarter page here.

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