YMCA Central got a big boost when they were recently delivered eight new Audi vans.

The vans were delivered to the community centre on Grey St by Gareth Jones, dealer principal of David Jones Motors, who are supplying the vehicles.

YMCA Central CEO Aaron Palmer said there were many reasons why the new vans were necessary.

"We needed new vehicles because of the cost of maintaining the old ones and also, we were hiring extra vehicles because we couldn't keep up with demand.


"Our kids' safety is paramount, if you're going to put them in a brand new Audi you're going to feel more secure as a parent."

YMCA host about 130 kids for after-school activities and they offer early childhood education, computing, trades and sports courses among others.

Whanganui-born Palmer returned to the city a little over three months ago and said one of his main goals was to improve the image of YMCA Central.

"I just want to get the message out and hopefully this will do it with the big signs on the vans," he said.

"I'm grateful that the ball was rolling before I got here, hopefully we won't be Whanganui's hidden secret anymore."

Jones was approached about the vehicles by Scott Tunnicliffe about five months ago and not long after that he confirmed a deal with YMCA Central's interim CEO at the time, Kevin Ross.

Jones said the agreement included a sponsorship deal.

"It will be good for both of us and will make people in Whanganui more aware of the YMCA and what they do.

"We'll help them out financially with signage and a low maintenance lease which covers servicing, tyres, wear and tear.

"We're proud to support another organisation in Whanganui, we're heavily invested in our community and it's great to have this opportunity because it's a great cause."