Students are being told how to survive a "zombie apocalypse'' in a new campaign from Emergency Management Otago.

A tongue-in-cheek "Zombie apocalypse guide'' has been released in an attempt to get young people to pay attention to what they need to do to prepare for a disaster.

Emergency Management Otago public information manager Michele Poole said the aim was to increase awareness of natural disasters and encourage people to take steps to becoming more prepared, such as having enough water and supplies for three days.

The group saw the success of the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention's "zombie preparedness'' campaign and thought it could be as effective in Otago.


The zombie phenomenon was popular among students, and Poole hoped it would engage the younger audience.

"Zombie apocalypse preparation is the same as for an earthquake, flood or other natural disaster.''

Emergency Management Otago will take the new zombie apocalypse campaign to the Otago University flatting expo today and are hoping students will engage with and learn from the idea.

"A lot of information about emergencies is often not geared for the student audience and doesn't grab their attention. We're hoping they'll have a laugh and stop to chat with us.''