Our family has just passed the first day of school milestone.

I set my alarm to get up early so I had time to prepare instead of rushing around trying to find something other than sandwiches and crackers for lunchboxes then rolling into daycare when I feel like it.

I didn't want to be late on our girl's first day of school.

Our daughter has been keen to go to school. She's expressed no emotion about leaving her lovely daycare that has been her home away from home for more than two years. She's appeared more than ready and excited about the change.


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On the morning of her first day she slept in for the first time in a long time - and I let her.

She awoke when her little brother, who has no volume control, shouted something in the hallway outside her room.

All was fine until I realised we were out of the normal routine with the sleep-in.

One of the kids usually comes in to wake us. They always go to the toilet after they wake us. Our girl usually goes beforehand.

I reminded her she hadn't been to the toilet. She reacted badly and refused to go.

Please don't wee your pants on day one, I thought. No judgement here for anyone who has, but I just want to protect her from that. I knew she would be too shy to ask her teacher if she could go to the toilet.

I pleaded. I battled.

I knew it this transition had been too easy. We're having a battle we haven't had for a year.

Then, she refused to put on her glasses.

I asked if she was worried as well as excited about school, explained that it was okay if she was and that everyone else would be feeling the same. She denied being worried.
Then, she refused to let us take a photo.

We don't post photos of our kids on social media, let alone the wider internet, but there are times I wish we did.

My girl's "First Day of School" photo - the picture every kid has of themselves standing fresh-faced in a bright new uniform that looks ridiculously large and a school bag half the size of them - does not exist.

In our version, she stands in our kitchen, royal blue polo shirt and a below the knee dark navy "skort" – both looking like they might fit for the next three years. She has turned to look at me, crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out to one side.

Well, there's no point faking it, is there?

I did manage to snap one of her laughing at herself moments after, but it is blurry because I was laughing myself.

Sometimes your kid is just the one with their eyes crossed and their tongue out.