A "blimmin' strong" earthquake has shaken Christchurch this morning.

Geonet reports the 4.3 magnitude quake was centred 10km south west of the city - at a depth of 5km, which was revised from an initial reported depth of 14km.

Almost 9000 people reported feeling the quake - with more than 80 saying it was strong.

People reported feeling the shake in Pegasus Bay, Lincoln and Templeton.


Melanie Stevenson, of Templeton, said it was "blimmin' strong".

While Elsie Wood said: "Definitely heard it coming. Knew what it was and then had a couple of seconds to think: 'How big is this gonna be'? Thankfully not too bad."

Charlotte Mooney wrote on Twitter: "So preoccupied with the pandemic - forgot we have earthquakes.

"Shaky start to the working day here in Christchurch."

Nigel Young said he also felt the "rumbles", while Karen Healey dubbed it "a Christchurch wobble."