The sold-out sign has already gone up for next week's Breakers game against Gold Coast - the seventh time this season.

The table-topping Breakers take on the 36ers in Adelaide on Saturday but have already sold out the North Shore Events Centre for next Thursday's visit of the Blaze.

It is the seventh time this season home games have been sold out, giving weight to the view they should play more games at Vector Arena, and continues a run that has seen only one game in 2012 not sold out.

The match against the Gold Coast is the final home game of the regular season but the Breakers are almost assured of top spot on the table meaning they will get home court advantage throughout the playoffs. The top team plays the fourth-ranked side - two plays three - in a three-game series with the higher ranked side hosting the third game if required.


"The sold out games are fantastic and a real boost to the club, the team, sponsors and our owners and board,'' Breakers general manager Richard Clarke said. "But they remain just one measure of how well we are tracking and in some ways ticket sales are the last thing we think of in regards goal setting and objectives for the club.

"As has been said on many occasions, the Breakers is an organisation looking not only to play great basketball and create an on court legacy but more importantly to leave an imprint in the community in which we live and play. Winning games is just a by product of that, it is a very welcome flow on effect believe me, but it is just part of the picture.''