Greig Morgan has a plan for timber that will give your garden a neat finish.

There's something about sharp neat edges in a garden that pleases the eye. Separating the garden from the lawn with a simple divider provides a kempt look that will make visitors jealous, but in a nice way.

Step 1

Spray paint to mark the area that you require. In this case it was to create a defined shape to soften the landscape for the children's play area and divide the lawn at the same time.

The edging also prevents the mulch from escaping and keeps the lawn from growing over.


Step 2

Scrape and remove the soil to a depth of 50-90mm, or deep enough to allow for a level play/lawn area.

Step 3

Cut enough lengths, about 350mm, of the 100x25mm treated timber. Now cut an angle of about 45 to 60 degrees on both sides. Then stake the pegs in place.

Step 4

Lay the 100x25mm edging on the lawn side of the pegs to the required level. Make sure the pegs are about 25mm to 30mm below the edging before fixing in place with nails. With the first piece of edging in place, lay the next piece end to end.

Step 5

Use weed spray to kill off unwanted grass before laying down the weed mat. It will pay to use weed mat staples to hold it in place before cutting any excess to shape and overlapping the next length.

Step 6

When the weed mat is pegged in neatly and firmly it not only prevents weeds from growing but stops the mulch being trodden into the soil.

Step 7

Spread the mulch evenly over the entire play area with a rake to the depth of the top of the edging and add a layer of topsoil, which should be flush with the lawn side.

And there you have it, a great looking children's play area.