If you were to ask me what the best business decision I ever made was, I'd say my online newsletter, Business Quick Tips. In my opinion, a well-done online newsletter can cheaply, easily, effectively help you:

• Bring in much more business
• Increase customer loyalty
• Bring your website to your busy clients and prospects
• Keep your name in front of prospects
• Help you in your decision making

My newsletter started back in 1999 (one of the first in New Zealand), and it's still going strong. Very few unsubscribe, most of the turnover is attributable to changing jobs. However, the growth of the list has slowed dramatically because of how wary people are to signing up now.

Here are tips to help you get started or improve your success.


What's a newsletter?

Like the name implies, News. Information. Something of value to your readers, not just a sales piece or simple specials from your/about your company

Short and sweet

Don't make it long. No one has the time today. Edit, edit, edit and don't send one too frequently. Monthly is fine..

Write with a good I/You ratio.

They don't care about you or your company. Make sure everything you write is towards making "them" more successful. Write in benefits, from their perspective. Go through your newsletter and eliminate as many I's, we's, us's that you can. Replace with you, your. Example. Change 'We have a tip for you' to 'Here is a tip for you'.

Be legal

Every issue must have an unsubscribe option as well as a privacy statement.


Get enough information from individuals when they sign up to enable targeting. Don't make people pass their eyes over something not pertinent to them. I consider this vital. Here's an example. If you are going to do something in New Zealand only, create two versions of your newsletter. One version for the rest of the world, the other for New Zealand.

Yes, this method does take more time, but I promise you, it will cut down on your unsubscribes.

Value = Eyeballs = Success

In summary, by being honest, by reining in your desire to spread your company gospel, by working hard to get interesting information for your audience you'll be rewarded by having it forwarded to friends and colleagues more often, you'll generate less unsubscribes and bring in new business, new prospects and much better goodwill.