Olympic gold medalist Hamish Carter has resigned as High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) Campaign Consultant Manager after it was revealed that he had passed on confidential documents from the 2016 Olympic Games campaign debrief.

The Cycling New Zealand review conducted by Michael Heron QC detailed that the leak of information to the media came from a person who had access to former CNZ track sprint coach Anthony Peden's house. That information, in turn, had been provided to the coach in error by an HPSNZ staff member.

Sources told the Herald that Carter was the source of the leak, with one stating it was done "naively".

Today, Carter admitted responsibility and stood down from his role.


"As I told Mr Heron in the Cycling NZ review, I did provide confidential interviews to Mr Peden. I accept full responsibility for that genuine mistake. I want to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to those athletes and staff affected by my error.

"I want to assure all athletes and other stakeholders with whom I have worked over the years that my overarching priority has always been to support them and their success.

"I feel very sad to be moving away from sport, something I truly love and am passionate about. I hope that one day I can return, but for now I need some time away."

HPSNZ Chief Executive Michael Scott said Carter made the decision of his own accord.

"There has been no agreement or settlement between us relating to Hamish's decision to leave HPSNZ and we want to be clear that Hamish has made this decision on his own account.

"In accepting the resignation, HPSNZ would like to recognise Hamish's contribution to the organisation since joining in 2013 and acknowledge the honesty and integrity he has shown in responding to the report by Michael Heron QC."

Carter's resignation takes effect immediately.