It takes something special for the Tour de Langkawi to be mentioned in these parts.

Yes, we are talking about a second-tier Malaysian cycling tour, and there's not even a Kiwi connection. Standout Kiwi rider Joseph Cooper is out of form, in 120th out of 125 riders, Morgan Smith sits in 73rd, and Matthew Zenovich is in 61st.

Yet, they are all faring better than one man, 19-year-old Chinese cyclist Zhiwen Chen, who has been kicked out of the entire race after using his bike as a weapon.

After the third stage, won by Canada's Adam De Vos in a breakaway, Chen got into an argument with fellow rider Mohd Harrif Saleh, which quickly turned into a full-on fight.


As you can see below, Chen threw his bike at Saleh before engaging in a brief scuffle - an apparent culmination of a day where their respective teams were arguing all throughout the stage.

China & Malaysia bergaduh Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) 2018 di Terengganu dicemari insiden pergaduhan. Lebih menarik pergaduhan membabitkan baling basikal. Semua pelumba yang terbabit bagaimanapun disingkirkan kerana melanggar syarat perlumbaan iaitu bergaduh. Siapa yang bersalah, tidak mampu admin ulas tapi tengoklah video ini. Senarai pelumba yang disingkirkan ada dalam ruangan komen. #ltdl #basikal #terengganu #china

Posted by The Typewriter on Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Chen was fined and booted from the race, while his teammate Hang Shi - who threw a bottle at a rider - was also fined, and given a one second time penalty. Huge.

There are still five stages remaining in the tour, and we will be sure to update you if Zenovich takes a famous stage win.