A second man is likely to be charged with the murder of Clifford Umuhuri - shot in a St Johns street and dumped out of a car near Auckland Hospital.

Umuhuri died on June 1 in Grafton, Auckland after being shot earlier at a different address.

Early on that morning police were called to an address on St Johns Rd to reports of shots being fired and people screaming.

A vehicle left the scene before stopping on Parkfield Terrace in Grafton, where Umuhuri was later found dead.


A 26-year-old man was charged with aggravated robbery in relation to the incident.

And later a 30-year-old man was charged with Umuhuri's murder.

Both appeared in the High Court at Auckland before Justice Simon Moore this morning.

Crown Solicitor Brian Dickey told the court the 26-year-old would likely face a charge of murder - however that charge was yet to be laid as he was waiting on a report.

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Both men pleaded not guilty to the charges they are currently facing.

Both have name suppression which will be revisited next month.

Justice Moore remanded the pair in custody and set a trial date in August next year.

He estimated the trial would run for about three weeks.