A search warrant revealed that a Whanganui man was growing cannabis in a room adjacent to one of his children's bedrooms.

Whanganui Police located 30 plants growing under two grow lamps in John Henry Waara's house on March 14 this year.

"Another growing area had been set up in the garage," Judge Anthony Walsh said when Waara appeared in Whanganui District Court.

"There were two cannabis plants and 38 cannabis seedlings growing in the garage under grow lamps."


The plants in the bedroom ranged between 40 and 80cm high and when asked by police, Waara told them they were for his personal use.

Waara pleaded guilty to a charge of cultivating cannabis and was sentenced on Tuesday.

Judge Walsh said Waara's offending was category one drug offending.

"I have to say Mr Waara that you have to be careful," the Judge said.

"You could have been up to the next category where the court is directed to impose terms of imprisonment."

Lawyer Stephanie Burlace said her client Waara wanted help with his addiction.

Judge Walsh gave Waara that opportunity, sentencing him to nine months' supervision and 50 hours' community work.

"I don't want you to think that supervision's a soft option here. If you don't comply with that sentence, you can be breached and brought back to court," he said.


"The whole purpose of that sentence is to get you the help you need."

The Judge ordered destruction of the equipment used in the growing operation.