A man struck out at a moving vehicle, kicking it and damaging it in a road rage incident.

Rowan John Loveridge was driving across Whanganui City Bridge when he became infuriated at the victim, who was driving ahead of him.

In Whanganui District Court, police prosecutor Graham Hoskin said a minor road rage incident then occurred.

"The defendant followed the victim up Portal St. The victim pulled over, allowing the defendant to overtake them, which he did, but stopped in front of the victim," Hoskin said.


"The defendant kicked the victim's vehicle as it went past, causing a minor dent in the rear passenger's side panel."

The victim then turned onto Webb Rd, the defendant followed and a final minor altercation occurred between the parties.

Duty solicitor Elliot Copeland said he discussed the incident with Loveridge and it seemed there were antagonising features each way.

"They were flashing lights in behind him as they were driving behind him on the hill," Copeland said.

"He has expressed to me his remorse and he knows that he shouldn't have acted the way in which he did."

Despite having outstanding fines of $190, Loveridge was ordered to pay reparation by Judge Dugald Matheson.

"Mr Loveridge, I'm not interested in penalising you any more than the fact that you've got a conviction for this," Judge Matheson said.

"You got this sort of stuff out of your system a long time ago. I can accept that there was a bit of background, but that's the end of it. You're convicted and ordered to pay reparation of $752.10."