Police are concerned over the number of on-farm burglaries where ATVs or quad bikes are being stolen along with tools and shearing equipment.

During the early hours of Monday morning November 6, another ATV was stolen from a woolshed on Middle Rd. That makes four stolen in the past three weeks.

Generators, compressors, welders and general tools are also being targeted by burglars.
There have been reports of a vehicle seen driving up farm driveways in the early hours with its lights off. These incidents should be reported immediately on 111 - we would deem this to be highly suspicious activity.

The sooner we are notified, the better our chances are of apprehending them.


We would like to appeal to farmers not to leave anything valuable in remote sheds or else use a secure lock-up, such as a shipping container to house valuables like ATVs, tools and shearing equipment.

Get together with neighbours and form a neighbourhood support group and if you see anything suspicious, call the police immediately.