The country's most prolific stalker is back behind bars, having tasted only six days of freedom.

The 46-year-old - who the Herald has chosen not to name to protect potential fair-trial rights - is currently in custody and due to appear in Waitakere District Court today facing allegations he harassed another woman and breached three of his release conditions.

Over 27 years of offending, the man has racked up more than 200 convictions, many of which were due to him lavishing unwanted attention on a slew of women.

When the defendant was released from jail in 2014, he lasted just 12 days before police found him with some unsent letters, one of which was addressed to a former Miss New Zealand.


He was eventually jailed and Judge Gus Andree-Wiltens ordered his address book and phone be destroyed.

In August last year, he twice contacted another woman using Facebook.

The actions constituted a breach of release conditions because he was barred from accessing the internet and from using social media.

The defendant initially denied the charges but pleaded guilty at Manukau District Court on February 15 and was simultaneously released from prison; due to the time he had served in custody, it is understood.

However, within six days he was allegedly up to his old tricks.

Police have charged him with using Facebook to harass the same woman who was the subject of his previous charges.

She could not be reached for comment but court documents say the attention "caused her to fear for her safety".

The defendant also faces three probation-laid charges, which allege he accessed Facebook and used an internet-capable device without the permission of his probation officer.

The way he communicated with the female complainant was said to be "threatening, predatory and manipulative", according to court documents.

It is understood police will oppose bail at today's hearing.