A man charged with dangerous driving causing the death of a pet dog worries he will face undue "pressure" and scrutiny from his small seaside community, his lawyer says.

Adam Rayner, 28, appeared in the Hastings District Court this morning, where his judge alone trial is expected to begin later today. Earlier in the year he pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving, after allegedly running over a pet dog while driving a quad bike on Haumoana Beach in Hawkes Bay at "full throttle".

The dog's owner, Kay Hamilton, was walking her fox terrier on the beach on January 9 when she said it was hit and killed by a quad bike being driven on the beach.

A media application for photographs to be taken in court today was opposed by Rayner's lawyer, Roger Phillips, who said there would be pressure on the defendant and his young family from the small seaside town.


However, Judge Jonathan Down ruled in favour of the media and said there was "no particular vulnerability" for Rayner or his family.

He added the case was for public record and the community had a right to full knowledge of the court's proceedings.

Police did not oppose the media application.