Those tuning in for the Black Caps next Pink Ball Test will have the option of a more light-hearted commentary on Sky.

The Alternative Commentary Collective (ACC) have been given the green light to provide an alternative audio option for Sky Sport's coverage of the Pink Ball Test starting on March 22 between the Black Caps and England.

The ACC team for the Pink Ball Test, a match which uses a pink ball for better visibility in the afternoon and evening, would consist of Radio Hauraki's Jeremy Wells, Mike Lane and Matt Heath, and Paul Ford, Scotty J Stevenson, James McOnie and Lee Baker.

The group of men, dressed in suit jackets and unreasonably small shorts, will cram themselves into Botham's Box (a box especially built for the cricketing legend) at Eden Park, for the pure entertainment pleasure of Sky Sport viewers, iHeartRadio listeners, social media fans and the Radio Hauraki faithful.


"The ACC is now the biggest multi-platform sports broadcaster in New Zealand. Welcoming Sky Sports into the fold will see us on digital radio (iHeartRadio), traditional radio (Radio Hauraki), on TV (Sky)and live streaming on social media (Facebook Live) … terrifying," ACC member Jeremy Wells said.

The Collective argue they are more than qualified to analyse the game.

Jeremy Wells is a schoolboy cricketer notorious for spending more time on a pitch roller than in the nets, while Mike Lane's career highlight was batting in a representative tournament with a Mickey Mouse hat on.

Matt Heath won't stop talking about scoring 106 not out against his 10-year-old son, the Basin Reserve took out a trespass order against Paul Ford, James McOnie spent his high school years fielding for Shane Thompson in the Hamilton Boys High First XI, and Scotty J Stevenson would rather be calling Super Rugby but is contractually obliged to be involved.

Lee Baker is the only member of the ACC who actually plays club cricket.

Mike Lane, ACC Chief Wrangler and head of Radio Hauraki said they were happy the agreement was over the line.

"The Pink Ball Test is a momentous occasion, and we're happy to rise to the occasion in the best way we know how – with unwavering patriotism with a hefty side of the surreal."

• The Pink Ball Test is on Sky Sport 3, March 22-26 from 1.30pm. Sky have advised the Alternative Commentary Collective audio is rated R16. To access the alternative audio option, press the yellow button on your Sky remote, from there you will see an audio language box, press up on your remote to access English Alt. Alternatively, you can listen on iHeartRadio.