New Zealand cricket great Chris Cairns can finally get on with his life, with his integrity intact.

In March, Cairns won a defamation casein the British High Court against the former Indian Premier League boss Lalit Modi, who accused him on Twitter of match fixing.

However Modi appealed the case, which has been rejected by the Court of Appeal in London.

Cairns told Radio Sport it's nice to finally see the back of the whole saga.


"The amount of work, the amount of emails, the amount of interaction with lawyers, barristers - it's been a tough three years to be honest."

He said he was always confident that the facts.

"I had a lot of friends and people sort of saying look, from the outside in the court of public opinion it didn't look good. But we always knew that we had the end goal in mind and to get the result and that was just putting the facts out there and letting due process do its thing."

Cairns said he's glad the whole thing is over.

"It's sort of only taken three years to get to this stage but it's unfortunate that is was a chapter that was never opened so from my side of things it'll be good to just see the back of it."

But he says he'd do the same again if someone brought his integrity into question.

"Having gone through the legal process, I will constantly challenge people who air that view in public. I'll have no qualms in proceeding with legal action if I get wind of any type of accusation."

Cairns will be awarded almost $180,000 in damages.