In Christchurch, everyone has a story to tell.

When the earthquake hit the city at 4.30am on Saturday, many residents turned to social media to tell their stories to friends and family.

Many contacted and to share pictures and video of what was going on.

Star Canterbury and the New Zealand Herald are keen to hear all readers' experiences of the earthquake and its aftermath.

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Here is a selection of what people have been saying:


You can check out all the photos that readers have shared here.

Javier Lopez wrote from South Africa:
In this dificult moment me and my wife pray for the wonderful people of New Zealand; all our blessings and support. New Zealand will rise up strong because the courage of the citizens. God bless you all

Kelsey McIntyre from near Inglewood in Taranaki felt the quake hit the morning. It "was strong enough to wake me up, and I could hear the pictures on the wall in the hallway lightly bouncing off the walls and the also the door swinging back and forth," said McIntyre.

Timaru resident Christine Prouting was woken by her whole house shaking. "We were frightened and took our two small children under the table," she said. "By the time we got there it stopped, but we had a lot of aftershocks."

Sean Timney felt the quake at 4.38am in Dunedin's Careys Bay. "Wife slept through the whole thing, typical," he said.

Sonya Davis from Redcliffs reports it "felt like the tipping of something huge" and that her family "felt a real risk of tsunami".

Gayle Temple from Ashburton says she woke to her house shaking and rolling. "I have never been so scared in my life," she said "We didn't know what to do having never experiencing anything like this in our lives the after shocks are still happening and I am still shaking".

Anne Kenyon of Christchurch said "we are extremely lucky to have escape damage or injury" and describe the quake as the scariest thing she had ever experienced.

"I didn't know quite what was happening as I awoke to violet shaking and noise that I can best described as like a freight train going through our bedroom."


Many residents posted video of their experiences.

Among them is this video on Youtube:

Raw webcam footage - bedroom shaking during quake:

Driving through CBD:
On Facebook:

A Facebook group has already formed, I survived the Christchurch earthquake with 9000 fans already.

Many Facebook fans reacted strongly to the story of the dairy owner Suresh Patel who opened his shop early to give away milk and sell batteries below cost to worried customers. His story is here.

Rangi Carroll
Hope some people remember him when the dust settles.

Maui Cook
send the mucking in crew to his residence, give him a make over in his back yard an i hope his suppliers give him grace for unpaid stock he gave away to help his community get through this earthquake disaster

Karen Chang Workman
Good on ya! Blessings to you; make sure we all shop there when Chch is back on its feet.

Bernice Candy
Back in the old day, this would have happened all the time. Nice to know there are still people out there who care and are not always thinking of themselves. True kiwi spirit - way to go.

Rashna Tata
It is these small people that make a large difference to our world.

Richard Toatoa
Some awesome comments here for a man who deserves it, a true samaritan, this man's deeds show up those cooperates who are only after thinking of exploiting an already bad situation

Suzy Narbey
Good on you Suresh ! U r showing the true spirit in what has been a devastating earthquake for the people of Christchurch.

Dion Marie
Just goes to show its the little guy that steps up to the plate to show true compassion & care

Others discussed the earthquake:

Kim Laurenson
Seriously frightening... Hope to never go through that again. I was 4km away from centre of shake. Lots of cracks and plenty of broken things... Hoping like he'll the "after shock" doesn't actually happen. Still no power or water etc.

Tim Hewitt
That was fing crazy - we are in 2 story home in rolleston - jeepers hard to describe how horrific - terrific that was... I was praying big time that we would be safe. A blessing no one was killed - amazing!!!

Catherine Mitchell
most chimneys have fallen in, power poles uprooted and fallen into houses, my sister has lost her chimney and her garage has collapsed no more running water no power, no batteries for the radio, CHCH girls high school boarding evacuated - it was a biggie! still after shocks going on which are alarming

Sonya Pinnell
Today has been so horrible for the aftershocks they are rather strong and then there is the wind blowing - is it a aftershock or the wind - NOT FUN

Sue Ironmonger
just spoke to my sister who lives in kaiapoi,they might have to rebuild their house,I wish I was there.

Amanda Holden
the last after shock was really loud, I actually thought it was a big gust of wind, but then the house starting shaking!

On Twitter:

Just setup an office sweepstake for the magnitude of the aftershocks, have to keep entertained at work somehow.
jbergler - Jonas Bergler, Christchurch

it's been crazy. Every rumbling, we brace ourselves for the jolt. Still unnerving even after all this time!
mrsgooding - Christine Gooding, Christchurch

This has been the longest, most terrifying yet most and lucky and blessed day of my life. Please let it be a semi peaceful night!
ezbear - Erin, Christchurch

did anyone get their washing machine trashed in the quake? if anyone is desperate to get some washing done let me know!
BexieLady - Bex Davies, Christchurch

kalena - Kalena, Christchurch (Saturday, 4.59am, popularly believed to be the very first tweet on the quake)

Wondering if my neighbors are permanently scarred from seeing me run around the streets in my onesie Sat morning
kalena - Kalena, Christchurch

Chimneyless people: perfect chance to tell your kids Father Christmas can't deliver any presents this year?
martinburley - Martin Burley, Christchurch