Two Game of Thrones stars have signed up for a sequel to horror flick Silent Hill. Check out the trailer and plenty else in our wrap of the best things on the web today.


I have to admit it - I have a soft spot for

Silent Hill

, the creepy Playstation game that involves slaying skinless dogs, zombie nurses, triangle-headed beasts and giant screaming bats in a spooky, fog-fuelled town. The 2006 movie based on the game was just okay, but the sequel,


Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

, has been given a boost with the inclusion of

Game of Thrones


Sean Bean


Kit Harington

in the cast. And no, that isn't

Michelle Williams

in the lead role, but I thought so too. It's due out later this year. (


2. Will Ferrell is on the campaign trail for his new film, appropriately titled The Campaign. So check him out reading excerpts from racy-but-badly-written book 50 Shades of Grey with his co-star Zach Galifianakis here, and then watch him on Conan breaking down over the Kristen Stewart Twilight scandal, then slamming her as a "trampire".I feel his pain.(Buzzfeed and YouTube)

3. Speaking of K-Stew, check out this parody of Kristen Stewart "apologising" for cheating on Robert Pattinson. This one is also NSFW. And Thor makes an appearance. (YouTube)

4. Ready for some twitchy instrumental hip-hop? Featuring producers Lunice and Hudson Mohawke, TNGHT's new EP has bloggers in a frenzy, thanks to some delightfully bassy electronica that makes you wonder, who needs rappers anyway? Check out the videos for top tracks Bugg'n and Higher Ground here. (PMA)

5. If you're into Cockneys, you'll love this new trailer. Did I mention it features zombies too? Cockneys vs Zombies feels more like a Shaun of the Dead zombie pisstake than a serious Walking Dead-type examination of human nature when faced with an undead apocalypse. The old dude having a zimmer frame race with a zombie made me LOL, anyways. Check out the NSFW trailer here. (YouTube)

6. While you're in the mood for new trailers, check out the latest full-length release for Killing Them Softly, a Brad Pitt gangster epic directed by New Zealand's own Andrew Dominik. It's great to see Pitt being a tough guy again, and with James Gandolfini and the underrated Ray Liotta involved, it could be great. Check out the trailer here. (

7. Nicki Minaj channels Shakira in her new video for Pound the Alarm, filmed in Trinidad and featuring more headgear and house music than a bad nightclub in Ibiza. Speaking of Nicki, check out her new New Zealand tour date here. (YouTube)

8. Lana Del Rey is dead to me. First she reportedly told New Zealand radio station ZM that she had eaten spaghetti and chocolate cake for dinner every night since she was seven, and then she covered a Kurt Cobain song. This must stop. Now.. (PMA)

9. Got a spare six minutes? Then feast your eyes on the weird, warped, wayward and waaay too long trailer for Cloud Atlas, the latest release from the Wachowski Brothers. Wait, it's the Wachowski Siblings now, after Larry Wachowski unveiled himself as a 'Lana' in the trailer's introduction. (Apple)

10. You made it to the end! You must be bored. So check out the latest instalment of Jerry Seinfeld's actually quite good web series Celebrities in Cars Getting Coffee, featuring Ricky Gervais. You've earnt it.

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