to new songs by The Mars Volta and The Temper Trap, it's all here in our wrap of the best l' />

From trailers for Men In Black 3 and That's My Boy to new songs by The Mars Volta and The Temper Trap, it's all here in our wrap of the best links you'll see on the web today.

1. Okay, so you know how we're all feeling a bit weird about the third Men In Black film? Like, why are they bothering? Well, here's the reason - it actually looks pretty darn decent. The second trailer for the time-travelling alien invasion tale looks fantastic - even though there's only a brief shot of Jemaine Clement's bad dude in there. Watch this and remember - this is only the trailer. (YouTube)

2. You've read the books and slammed them shut in frustration at being unable to find the weedy hero in a stripey jumper. Now you can check out the trailer for Waldo the Movie, which comes with the tagline "This summer, Waldo finds you!" (YouTube)

3. The new Mars Volta album Noctourniquet is starting to take shape, and is sounding suitably weird and awesome. Here's new track Zed And Two Naughts - but be warned, it kicks off like Skrillex having a studio freak out. (Stereogum)


4. Is the new Odd Future track NY (Ned Flander) NSFW? Of course it is - it's Odd Future. But they're getting better and better - that's why they keep featuring here. (Twitter)

5. Tommy Ill is one heck of a character. I should know, I used to work with him. Here's the Kiwi rapper's new zombie-featuring video for new single Living Dead. Probably best to avoid a game of volleyball with him in future. (Cheese On Toast)

6. One of the most popular phrases in Hollywood is "I'm too old for this s**t". How often is it used? Enough for an entire montage to last five minutes. Who should we blame? Mel Gibson of course. (Huffington Post)

7. The worst movie trailer of the year is here, and it comes courtesy of Adam Sandler. It's for the film That's My Boy, about an incompetent dad who tries to reconnect with his son. Even Andy Samberg can't save this one. (

8. Looking forward to this weekend's major movie release >John Carter? Here's the first 10 minutes of the genre mash-up film. As blogger Dominic Corry pointed out this week, a bad movie title with a troubled production doesn't mean it's going to be a bad movie. (Moviehole)

9. My favourite game in forever and ever is getting another sequel. Max Payne 3 is due out in May, and here's a trailer for it. Grand Theft Auto, eat your heart out. (YouTube)

10. If you like yourself a bit of Coldplay, check out the new track by Aussie lads Temper Trap, called Rabbit Hole.

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