Autumn's hot styles herald a season for change.

Every now and then fashion magazines like to trot out the latest colour of the season to wear. And while there are colours that designers and retailers like to push each season, there are certainly some unexpected tones that will be making a cameo come the depths of winter deliveries, from icy pastels to shades of sunny yellow and chartreuse.

But what colour to wear this season? In a retail environment that's beginning to move at a frenetic pace, anything goes. Several local designers explore various hues this season that run the gamut from Zambesi's murky purple tones to the jolts of silk green at Penny Sage.
Jewel tones are a perennial autumn/winter favourite, yet always feel new as designers discover fresh ways to make the most of them.

For those that prefer to err on the side of wearing safe black, there are colours that are a little less confronting and, when approached tonally, can inspire a head-to-toe look that's polished and put-together.

Earthy tones are a seasonal favourite, in particular khaki greens, tan and beige. The latter might seem bland in theory, especially to an extroverted dresser's eye, but it's a classy look that evokes a sense of calm (a great approach for the wardrobes of busy people in high-pressure jobs).


The ubiquitous utilitarian separates on offer this season in khaki (bomber jackets, cargo pants, oxford shirts, etc) are a great place to start when thinking about tonal dressing.
Invest in pieces that are varied in shade along with interesting texture - the latter is an ideal way to subtly break up the one-note colour palette for a free pass out of squaresville.


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