Address: City Works Depot, 90 Wellesley St West, CBD
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The Botanist

does more than brunch, or even lunch or dinner. As its name implies, it's also a florist. So you can eat, admire the flora and pick up some pretty bunches to take home. It's part of the City Works Depot development on the western edge of the CBD, which also houses a few other eateries including Food Truck Garage, Best Ugly Bagels and Scratch Bakers.

The menu is ever-evolving and wide ranging, from sweet offerings such as waffles ($18) to inventive savoury options including the breakfast ramen (63 degree duck egg, bacon dashi, soba noodles $19), smoked fish and herb omelette with caper gremolata $17) and breakfast salad (bacon, mushrooms, croutons, tomato, onion, rocket and egg $20)

We ordered the potato and cheddar waffle with wilted greens, bacon and egg ($19) and the breakfast salad. Both were delicious. We were very taken with the savoury waffle, which was light and flavourful.


The coffee was a choice of three: Allpress, Three Beans and Flight. We chose Allpress and enjoyed it.

The service was very friendly, when we ordered and were served our food, and also when we bought flowers on our way out.

Overall, we love this set-up. The food is terrific and the menu a refreshing departure from the standard options (although nothing too scary and even the fussiest eater will find something to love). And the on-site florist - apparently inspired by the urban florists and plant shops of New York City and Chicago - is a nice addition.