America's Van Dykes Taxidermy, supplier of equipment to animal trophy makers and collectors, has committed to tiny Browns Bay outfit Netconcepts for its website building and e-commerce strategy.

Van Dykes, based in Woonsocket, South Dakota, is recognised as an industry leader. It supplies everything from glass eyes to life-size forms for fish, bird and deer as well as reference books and videos explaining how to strip flesh and bones from hide.

Director of operations Susan Kalb said the e-commerce site was critical to its marketing to taxidermists.

"E-commerce is a significant part of our business and a lot of people like to stuff animals and fish they have hunted," she said.

Van Dykes is a subsidiary of privately held company Cabelas, which also has an "antique fittings" company in its stable.

"We make things that make your house look older than it is, as well as a lot of hunting, shooting, fishing and outdoor equipment."

Kalb said using Netconcepts was absolutely no problem even if it was down in New Zealand.

The company came highly recommended and was able to meet site and e-commerce needs better than any local supplier, she said.

Netconcepts has added new functions to the site which allow customers to "upsize" their orders as well as to see what other people are buying in a similar category.

"I follow the Amazon model to a certain extent and Netconcepts have built some good systems for us."

Stephen Spencer, Netconcepts' founder and managing director, said the company worked well because Browns Bay was a great place for people to work.

Although it has an office in Wisconsin with five staff, most of its work was done in New Zealand.

"Our clients are not too concerned about where we are working from so long as we meet all targets and deliver functional systems.

"If anything, being here in a great environment means we can attract better staff to deliver better services," he said.

With Van Dykes the inventory is updated by Netconcepts every evening for the next day's trading.

Netconcepts also makes systems for search engine optimisation and email marketing.

Mr Spencer said the company's American clients included Birds Eye, Gorton's Seafood, Wella, Midwest Express Airlines, Steve Spangler Science, TDS Telecom,, and Alliant Energy.

In New Zealand, it builds for Westpac NZ, Ecowool, Smoke CD's, Vector and Designer Exposure.

Mr Spencer said of the last 38 e-commerce sites it has developed, 34 are for US based companies.

He said the company expected to double revenue over the next year to 18 months.