Q: I am 68 and my wife 66, and we have recently retired. We have just sold our home and bought in a small town on Auckland's fringe.

We will have $350,000 from the trade-down transaction. We also have $80,000 in term deposits.

We have a pessimistic view about the future of financial assets. Even gold or silver. We are also worried about the stability of banks and negative interest rates.

So our problem is: which physical assets could provide an income stream and/or good backup for tough times ahead? An example might be a large vegetable garden, as our property-to-be is a third of an acre.

We want to do this relatively quickly. We do not want to be caught out by financial after-effects from the Covid-19 lockdown.

We would appreciate your advice on our nervousness around financial assets, as there may be other readers sinking in the same boat.

A: The boat might be heading into a storm, but she's a seaworthy vessel and won't sink.

Your letter must be one of the bleakest ever sent to this column. Things are not that


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