A cafe in the Police National Headquarters in Wellington continued to sell coffee to police during the alert level 4 lockdown.

The cafe only stopped operating after clarification from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) that it had to close just like other cafes and restaurants around the country.

A statement from police said the cafe was not open.

"When alert level 4 restrictions came into effect the café was initially open to staff within PNHQ in line with the initial guidance provided," the statement said.


"As the guidance from MBIE was further developed the service delivered by the café no longer met the guidelines for continued operation so was closed on 9 April."

Businesses all around New Zealand were forced to close down last month as the country went into an alert level 4 lockdown to halt the spread of coronavirus.

The move has caused widespread economic damage for businesses unable to operate, and billions of dollars have been paid out to businesses by the Government through the wage subsidy scheme.

Some businesses will be able to reopen when the country moves down into level 3, but front-facing businesses will not be able to operate.

Businesses selling food may be able to start again if they have sufficient non-contact measures in place to allow food pick-ups and delivery, but dine-in will not be allowed.

Coffee may be included in the eased restrictions, as long as any cafes selling it can ensure non-contact.

A decision on whether New Zealand will drop to level 3 this week is due this afternoon.

MBIE has been contacted for comment.


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