Things have been moving incredibly fast in the global fight against Covid-19. And each development has led to a new string of questions that New Zealanders have been desperately trying to answer.

One of

1. What are an employer's obligations if staff can't work during a lockdown? Does the boss need to pay them, for instance?

2. How does an employer terminate their staff if they can no longer continue operating owing to Covid-19?

3. Does redundancy apply in such a situation?

4. What are an employee's rights if they have been made redundant?


5. Can workers negotiate possible alternatives with their employer, for instance taking a pay cut?

6. Is there an "easy escape" if a contract contains a "force majeure" clause?


7. What types of businesses can get access to wage subsidies?

8. What are my obligations as a boss if I have been granted a wage subsidy?

9. Can an employer who applies for wage subsidies reduce their staff's wages to the amount of the wage subsidy?

10. What about the requirement that an employer must pay 80 per cent of the full salary?

11. Can wage subsidies be used to pay annual holidays? Can they be used to pay notice periods?

12. Are casual staff covered by the wages subsidies?