Much of the country may have hit a standstill amid the lockdown conditions, but the supermarket industry has never been busier.

Massive demand, long queues and panic-buying are putting enormous pressure on staff to keep

Could Foodstuffs have prepared better for the massive demand that arrived with coronavirus?


We're still seeing really long queues forming at supermarkets. Is there any solution to this problem?

Why is it so difficult to get online delivery or pick-up slots?

What about vulnerable people who can't get slots?


How are the staff working on the frontline holding up given the mental health toll it must take to work during a pandemic?

Where is all the flour? What's up with the empty shelves?

Will we see more product shortages in the coming weeks?

What about New Zealand brands?

Do you have enough staff to meet the demand?

What motivates people to panic-buy?

What can we do to stop panic-buying from happening?

We all saw the picture of the expensive cauliflower. So are supermarkets price-gouging customers?

Broadly speaking, what score between 1 and 10 do you give the Government's general performance in handling this crisis so far?

How bad is this economic hit compared with previous crashes?

Your prediction for the lockdown duration?