A mother reported her own daughter to authorities after she became suspicious of her sudden luxurious lifestyle.

The bizarre story began in January 2018 when former model and fashion designer to the stars Emily Evans-Schreiber, from Northamptonshire in the UK, was asked to look after her elderly grandmother Rosina Evans.

The woman, aged in her 90s, had been diagnosed with dementia, and Evans-Schreiber moved from London into a house nearby to help out, news.com.au reported.

According to the Daily Mail, at the time Evans-Schreiber – who was previously a fashion designer for Cara and Poppy Delevingne – was broke with just £40 (NZ$78) in her bank after recently losing her job.


But between April and December that year, Evans-Schreiber made 42 transactions from her grandmother's bank account into her own after the older woman authorised a mandate allowing her granddaughter to take over her finances.

Soon the socialite and mother-of-one began jetting off on holidays across the globe, including to Los Angeles, and splurging on fancy hotels, designer outfits and cosmetic treatments.

Evans-Schreiber's mother Clare grew "concerned" by the sudden change in her lifestyle and reported her to police who found a slew of transactions going into the woman's account under labels such as "bills", "care", and "savings", the BBC reports.

They also uncovered a number of "luxury products" such as designer clothing, shoes and accessories.

Authorities found Evans-Schreiber had stolen a total of $453,847 from her grandmother, leaving her with just $10,872.

Evans-Schreiber faced Northampton Crown Court last week where she pleaded guilty to one count of theft.

According to the Daily Mail, prosecutor Lynsey Knott told Judge Rebecca Crane the young mum had previously "lived the high life" in London and that she used her grandmother's money to fund a "lavish lifestyle" complete with "top end hotels, restaurants, non-surgical cosmetic treatments (and) high value shopping".

"She couldn't have afforded it without funds from her grandmother's account," Ms Knott said.

Socialite Emily Evans-Schreiber was reported by her own mum. Photo / Facebook / Emily Evans-Schreiber
Socialite Emily Evans-Schreiber was reported by her own mum. Photo / Facebook / Emily Evans-Schreiber

But Evans-Schreiber's barrister Carolina Guiloff argued her client was battling personal demons at the time of the offence, with the court hearing she had mental health and alcohol issues and had experienced domestic violence in the past.

"She was out of control and wasn't in her normal mental state," Ms Guiloff said, according to the New York Post.

"It would be wrong for your honour to be left with the impression that this was a cold and callous woman who had no regard for her grandmother at all."

In the end, the judge gave her a two-year sentence, suspended for 20 months.

Evans-Schreiber must also complete 150 hours of community service and attend an alcohol rehab program for six months.

"Do not come to this court asking for a second chance," Judge Crane said.


"That is what you have been given with this sentence."