Two tech savvy teenagers from Christchurch moved into the online porn industry straight out of high school. They moved to the United States to film sex scenes with 'amateur' women in hotel rooms, making millions in the process. But their sleazy empire started to crumble when 22 women say they were tricked into becoming porn stars. Now, the FBI has charged the childhood friends with sex trafficking. Jared Savage charts the rise and fall of Michael James Pratt and Matthew Isaac Wolfe.

Mike Pratt and Matt Wolfe were best mates growing up.

Born a few months apart in 1982, the duo started primary school in Christchurch together but went to different schools in their teenage years.

Wolfe was at Burnside, one of the largest co-ed colleges in the country, while Pratt attended the more traditional Christchurch Boys High' School.

The final years of their formal education coincided with the "Dotcom bubble" in the late 1990s, a period of exponential growth in the adoption of the internet.


The web was the new Wild West; the childhood friends decided to play cowboys.

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