Sky Sport's online streaming broadcast of the Bathurst 1000's qualifying session tonight crashed just minutes before Kiwi driver Scott McLaughlin posted the fastest ever lap on the circuit.

The online streaming broadcast went down around 7.45pm, missing the final two racers in the Top 10 Shootout for Bathurst.

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Irate Kiwi V8 fans have taken to Sky Sport's Facebook page complaining about missing the climax of the qualifying session and McLaughlin's recording-breaking lap.


"And I thought Spark were terrible ... Sky Sport just beat them ... I didn't even see it coming ... nor did we get to see Chas or Scotty's laps ... thanks for nothing! looking forward to our refund …," one viewer posted.

Another said they were: "So gutted I've never missed a Bathurst in over 10 years. Please don't let this happen tomorrow. I'm that dedicated I will gate crash someone's place if I have to. Would prefer not to that's why I paid to watch at home."

"Welcome to: 'Sky Sport Late' Terrible service Sky, complete stream failure during the 2 fastest laps in the top 10 shootout," another fan said.

An apology for the streaming debacle was issued by Sky TV late Saturday night.

"We are very sorry that Sky Sport Now customers experienced a fault in their Bathhurst viewing tonight. A fault at any stage is not good enough, but an error just as Scott McLaughlin posted his fastest ever lap is incredibly disappointing. We're really sorry," the statement to the Herald said.

"We've identified the fault, and take full responsibility for it.

"We will be contacting all Sky Sport Now customers who were watching when the fault occurred to offer a full refund for the pass they bought (month, week or the special Bathhurst weekend pass).

"We know tomorrow is an important day for Bathhurst fans, and we're working hard to ensure that the experience is a good one. That means taking all appropriate and reasonable steps, including having all key resources on site tomorrow."


The standard pay-TV Sky Bathurst broadcast was uninterrupted, and only the online Sky Sport streaming service was affected.

Another viewer told the Herald they were "fuming" after missing the final two laps, after watching the qualifying session all day.

Other viewers are now apprehensive about how the Sky streaming service will go tomorrow for the actual Bathurst 1000 race.

"Would be good if I could watch it. Paid for the Bathurst package and it kept cutting out for the Mozterts top 10 shoot out and missed Scotty's lap completely. NOT happy at all. Hope spark sport get all sports," one fan posted on Facebook.

The Sky Sport streaming crash comes as new competitor for sports broadcast rights, Spark, has had a series of problems with their broadcast of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.