I'm struggling to keep up these days with what's expected of us and what isn't.

We are supposed to be more diverse, offer more workplace equality, break down barriers and be more open and accepting - smashing glass ceilings and all-male boardrooms as we go.

And yet yesterday, we hear that anyone over 60-years-old, is too old to be a CEO.
This is the unkind and unsavoury opinion of a veteran Australian businessman who says anyone over 60 may be starting to lose track of not just their energy, but also be out of touch with trends and the latest entrepreneurial skills.


Sorry Warren Buffett (89) and Rupert Murdoch (88) - you're apparently past it.

Funnily enough, this Aussie businessman himself is no spring chicken: Kevin Seymour is 79. But he clearly still feels energetic enough to espouse his opinions on fellow CEOs.
He says there are exceptions to the rule, but by and large those over 60 are out of touch.

What a load of crap.

Surely corporates are more interested in age and experience and curious minds?
Surely someone at 60 has more to offer a CEO position than someone in their 30s?
Whatever happened to the value of life experience?

Seymour says over 60s don't offer much value.
I would've thought with a world awash with millennials and gig economy jobs and Instagram influencers that a 60+ CEO has a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to offer which is probably quite unique.

Not all over 60s obviously, but anyone over 60 still actively interested in being a CEO is obviously bringing more than just a few grey hairs to the table.

I think it's a dangerous precedent to start ruling out one whole sector of society – apart from anything, it's ageist.

And why is ageism allowed when sexism and racism aren't? Where's the outrage?
If this had been someone saying they don't hire women, or don't hire people under 30, we'd never hear the end of it.


People 60 and over can actually still be sharp, interested, intelligent, current, and have things to offer.

They can be digitally savvy, they're often curious enough to keep up with latest trends and further educate themselves - because the older you get, the less arrogant you are.

The older you get, the more you want to learn. Or do we all just shut our brains off at 60? I don't think so.

So maybe next time you want to voice your opinions about people almost 20 years younger than you being out of touch Kevin, look in the mirror first mate.