Wanting your legal fix? Look no longer. Today we're launching a new column entirely focused on the trials and tribulations in and outside the legal industry.

Raising the Bar is written by Sasha Borissenko, former editor of New Zealand Lawyer and one of the journalists who broke the story of inappropriate sexual conduct by senior partners at law firm Russell McVeagh.


Women were appointed partner, CEO, and board member overnight, but it's been more than a year since Russell McVeagh made headlines, and it's hard to gauge whether the surveys, inquiries, reports, and proclamations of "great change" from those in power are anything more than lip service.

Few survivors came forward, and fewer alleged perpetrators were sanctioned. The senior lawyer of the two alleged perpetrators behind the Russell McVeagh revelations still holds a practising certificate, according to the Law Society website. And with New Zealand's hefty defamation laws, no media outlet dared to name him.

Without sanctions, did the alleged