Asian-fusion restaurant chain Wagamama has shut up shop in New Zealand.

A notice posted on the restaurant franchise's central website outlined that it had shut its New Zealand stores, though the company hinted it could return in the future.

"We are very sorry that our time in New Zealand has, for now, come to an end. We'd like to raise our chopsticks and thank all our loyal customers who have visited us at Wagamama New Zealand over the years," the statement on the website said.

"We hope one day to be back on your shores."


Wagamama is a global franchise, particularly popular in England and the United Kingdom. The local chain has, however, struggled to crack the New Zealand market since first opening here.

New Zealand restaurant sites included Auckland's Newmarket and Sylvia Park and at the Wellington waterfront.

The Herald understands the local franchise business has rebranded to Mama's Noodle House and changed its menus.

Wagamama has been contacted for comment.

In 2008 when Wagamama Newmarket launched, Viva gave the restaurant a 5/10 star rating for its food and service.

Writer and reviewer Graham Reid described the restaurant and its food as "it is what it is".

Wagamama's dishes have always come off as sterile to me," Reid said about the restaurant.

"The curious thing about the mains was the more we ate, the more bland they became.


"The desserts of handmade icecream and cheesecake were quite ordinary, as you might expect when such things are made as bulk orders."

Back in 2008 the restaurant chain had three outlets in Auckland. As of late, the franchise has had three nationwide.