Treasury's online team has come in for a pasting over the past couple of days - and again this morning as Police said there was nothing unlawful about the Budget 2019 "hack"; it was simply someone running simple searches of the agency's website in case material was made live late at night in a test (or, as it transpired, the creation of a clone or backup site).

Think you could do better?

If so, the good news is that you can give it a go.

Treasury posted an ad for a Web Editor on LinkedIn on Monday (that is, before the leak went public).


The successful applicant will "know what good looks like," the ad says.

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The job calls for a "skilled professional" who will "Work with a variety of teams annually to prepare Budget updates for both the Treasury and Budget websites" in support of Treasury and the DPMC (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet).

Geeks will be interested to know the role involves work across a range of content management systems including Drupal, SilverStripe and Microsoft SharePoint

If that sounds like your bag, you're in with a shot.

According to LinkedIn, there have so far been only seven applicants.