Air New Zealand has selected its next new batch of widebody planes. Its gone with what it knows - Boeing 787 Dreamliners. But the airline has gone for a bigger version of those already in its fleet, 787-10s. These will increase flexibility for the airline and give it scope to fly to more destinations. Grant Bradley examines the order in detail, why the airline opted for the planes, new features and what they means for passengers.

What has the airline ordered?

Eight Boeing 787-10s. This is a stretched version of two earlier models which first entered commercial service

What will the new Dreamliners be like for passengers

How much will they cost?


What are they replacing?

What was the tipping point for the selection?

Are there other planes in the pipeline?

Air NZ's profit's down, why's it spending on new planes?

What about the engines?

Haven't there also been problems with Dreamliners too?


Boeing has another massive problem, how does this affect Dreamliners?