Kiwifruit Strap
It's nothing short of remarkable. The Bay's leading industry was brought to its knees nearly a decade ago as Psa left kiwifruit vines and growers in ruin.

They were the darkest of days and millions of dollars and people's livelihoods were lost.

But this vital sector has bounced back and is today prospering - a turnaround that has flowed on to the real estate market.

As part of a Bust to Boom: Kiwifruit's remarkable comeback, Carmen Hall takes a look at orchard prices - and reveals just how much some are fetching now.

Gold kiwifruit orchards are fetching up to $1.3 million per canopy hectare in a remarkable comeback from Psa - a time when agents say they ''couldn't sell a thing''.

Real Estate Institute of New Zealand figures show the median price of a horticulture property, which includes kiwifruit orchards, has more than doubled from $1.1m in 2014 to $2.1 last year.

PGG Wrightson rural and lifestyle sales consultant Stan Robb said that when Psa hit in November 2010 it was like a ''bombshell''.

He lost $19m worth of deals overnight.


''It was sudden and sales stopped immediately. I had an orchard