A young couple from Glasgow have accidentally bought a 120-year-old run down mansion after a massive auction mix-up.

Cal Hunter and Claire Segeren were supposed to bid on a two-bedroom flat but accidentally bid on the partially collapsed property listed immediately before the apartment because he didn't realise it was being sold in three lots.

The mansion, Jameswood Villa, is north-west of Glasgow, Scotland and has a leaking roof, rotten wood, is partially collapsed and has no windows.

Instead of stressing about their new purchase, the couple are now living in a caravan and are set to renovate the property.


Hunter says while he was initially gobsmacked at the error, he says he's fallen in love with the property and project.

"We love the house and its stunning location in a village on the edge of a Scottish loch. It's all been a beautiful mistake," Hunter, a 26-year-old carpenter by trade, told the Daily Mirror.

"If we can tackle this, we can tackle anything – it's going to take us much longer than a year but just think of the life skills we are going to learn along the way."

Claire, who is from Toronto, Canada said: "The house was built in 1900 and had a lovely feel to it and so much character that we felt it would be a sin to level it and start again. So we made the momentous decision to give it a go.

"Neither of us are from Scotland so we had to look up Dunoon on the map and we were both relieved to see it wasn't that far from Glasgow."

Not only did the mansion have a leaky roof and rotten timber, the ground was taken over by plants, and the house was still furnished with mouldy couches, broken furniture and old appliances.

Jameswood Villa has been left empty for 20 years. Drainage issues left its land waterlogged, which led to serious structural problems caused by subsidence.

The couple have set up a blog, 'WhathaveweDunoon?' where they have been given advice and support from residents of Dunoon.