Soon to be assistant governor of the Reserve Bank Christian Hawkesby was given an unusual send-off by former colleagues at fund manager Harbour Asset Management.

The team took in a bit of axe-throwing at Wellington's Sweet Axe Throwing Co.

Hawkesby, former head of fixed income at Harbour, said he had suggested the idea as a team building experience after hearing about another team taking part in it last year.

It was rebuffed as a team builder but obviously made the cut when it came to leaving party ideas.


Hawkesby, who had been with Harbour for eight years, described the experience as "quite a nice touch."

Despite it sounding like a dangerous activity, Hawkesby said it was actually quite safe as throwers were separated by cages.

Alcohol was also off the menu while throwing took place.

Hawkesby starts his new role on March 18th and is currently on gardening leave.

Stock Takes imagines any talk of axes will be off the agenda at the Reserve Bank where governor Adrian Orr has been talking up his analogy comparing the central bank to Tane Mahuta.

In the newly created role of assistant governor, Hawkesby will be the general manager of economics, financial markets and banking.

He will be responsible for monetary policy formulation, implementation and maintenance of liquidity in financial markets, provision and circulation of currency, and the operation of interbank payment and settlement systems.