A Kiwi man has claimed the title of Lime scooter's biggest customer all thanks to a 'bizarre trip' that took him to 'Africa'.

Christchurch resident V Henare was out for a cruise in the city on February 28 when he was charged $10.90 for his Lime trip.

However, upon review, his Lime account had registered he has, in fact, made a trip from New Zealand to Africa, totalling more than 5831km in just a 32-minute trip.

Worried he'd charged for the incorrectly recorded overseas trip, he decided to call up Lime in the hope to clear any potential bills.


"It's a bit of a laugh," Henare told the Herald.

"I called their headquarters in the US and I asked them am I due for a payout or reimbursement as they've taken money out of my account for a trip to Africa that I never made.

"That's exactly what they charged me for, travelling over to Africa on a Lime Scooter. 5800km in 32 minutes. And not one calorie burnt.

"They were pretty baffled by it and couldn't understand why it would show I went to Africa, then only charge me $10.90 for the trip. They couldn't work out why it didn't charge me in the thousands when it showed up I'd done more than 5000km.

"What they charged me for my trip around Christchurch on that day on that scooter was correct, but they admitted they had issues with the GPS."

Henare's trip showed he'd made a 5,831km journey from Christchurch to Africa.
Henare's trip showed he'd made a 5,831km journey from Christchurch to Africa.

Henare, who is a regular Lime user, explained he's realistically only clocked up just over 400km on his account, not 5800km as suggested thanks to his 'international trip'.

Lime cleared the issue up and confirmed his actual Christchurch journey would only cost him the correct amount of $10.90.

But towards the end of the call Lime gave Henare some surprising news.


While on the phone company said they'd keep his 'trip' to Africa on his record, making Henare the world's biggest Lime customer.

Henare found the situation a "good laugh" and said he's more than happy to take the title.

"They're going to keep that kilometre record on my profile and that's mine to keep. And after having a giggle on the phone, they then told me I am now the world's biggest Lime customer thanks to those kilometres.

"It was a bit of a laugh."

Meanwhile, after a two-week hiatus, Lime e-scooters have returned to Auckland's streets.

Auckland Council ordered Lime to remove the scooters on February 22 following a range of safety concerns.

Lime officials confirmed this morning the scooters were back on the streets.

The scooters had not been released directly after the ban was lifted, with Lime saying they were double and triple checking the scooters.