New Zealand gig economy platform Joblist has revealed the weirdest and most common things Kiwis will pay someone else to do.

For those not familiar, Joblist is a website and app which lets you list any job you want completed at a price you're prepared to pay.

Need something fixed around the house? Or craving late night McDonald's delivered to your door? Simply post what you need doing and wait.

Those looking to earn a little extra money will apply, and you choose the applicant of your choice based on their ratings from previously completed tasks and whether they've been identity and address verified or not.


Brittany Earl, Joblist founder, said people are beginning to see value in using Joblist as a means of getting stuff done, no matter how random or creative the job.

"We all need help for sometimes-obscure tasks. The question's always been 'where can I find someone to do that?' And now, Joblist is the answer.

"We're getting the idea that there are a ton of weird and wonderful things people need and which they are quite prepared to pay for. It's brilliant!"

Joblist founders Brittany Earl (left), Taylor Abernethy and Gerard Molloy. Photo / Supplied
Joblist founders Brittany Earl (left), Taylor Abernethy and Gerard Molloy. Photo / Supplied

One of those "weird" tasks came from a user who was prepared to pay $150 if someone helped them with listings on Trade Me.

Another came from a woman who admitted being a technophobe and was prepared to pay $100 for a tutorial on social media so she could keep up with her children.

One user even paid $30 to have a pair of running socks delivered to Coatesville after losing theirs, while another paid $40 for the pleasure of taking a 4WD for a spin on Muriwai Beach.

Joblist has already seen more than 800 jobs successfully completed since it was launched in May last year.

Another user really wanted a Harry Potter, Gryffindor tie hand-made for their dog and offered $45 to whoever was prepared to sew it.


But the most popular jobs, however, successfully listed and completed on Joblist are for "handyman" type work, with 22 per cent of all tasks falling into this category.

"In this category, the two most-used keywords are 'Hang' and 'Fix', so it's safe to assume our users need repairs and probably pictures or mirrors suspended, although one can never be too sure!" Earl said.

The average job price currently being listed for "handyman" jobs is $272.

The next most popular job listings were for tasks "in the garden".

Garden-related jobs such as lawn mowing, weeding and getting rid of green waste made up 15.2 per cent of listings on the website and app with an average price of $104.

"Around the home' was the third most popular, with keywords such as "bake" and "make" coming out as most popular in this category.

A current listing on Joblist was posted by a user who wants someone to bake them a car/mechanic themed cake for $50.

"For those who have an inner Nigella, some spare time and those who don't mind getting their hands dirty, there is a clear opportunity here," Earl said.

Joblist has also proven an advantage for New Zealand's business community, propelling "help at work" to fourth place of all jobs done at 12.4 per cent.

Businesses paid an average of $202 to these workers for jobs such as warehouse assistants and general labouring jobs.

Jobs under "cleaning" came in as the fifth most popular, with jobs from washing cars to tidying houses making up 9.9 per cent of all jobs done.