This time of year should be a period of excitement and unbridled potential for the 12 months ahead. However, for many it is a time of anticlimax or sheer dread.

Studies on New Zealand work engagement and satisfaction found that between 40 per cent and 60 per cent of Kiwis are unhappy in their jobs, so this time of year impacts these people the most.

Where do you sit with the "How do you feel about returning to work?" question?

A — "I can't wait"


If you are willing to hop off the jet ski and throw on your suit, you should feel very blessed. Your job obviously challenges you, you have great opportunities ahead and work alongside engaged colleagues.

A great question to ask yourself is "What challenges can I set for this year to maximise the great position I am in?" Goals for the year should include furthering your industry or tertiary learning, improving previous personal performance, assessing your long-term career pathway and expanding your business-to-business network.

B — "Meh ... "

The return to your job does not fill you with dread, however, you are not exactly excited about the prospect. Chances are you may have become too comfortable and there are no exciting opportunities ahead to inspire you. However, it's easier to stay, rather than go through the trouble of looking for a new position.

Your question should be "If I am in the same position and same company this time next year, will I feel fulfilled in my career?"

Goals for the next month should include assessing how you feel about your boss, work colleagues, learning and development opportunities, ability to progress further in the organisation, work/lifestyle balance and your personal engagement in the role. This should give you pointers about what your next steps should be.

C — Aargh — No, please, no!

I have had positions where I've wished Sunday night would keep extending, pushing Monday off indefinitely. This is significantly worse if you are hoping the same for your summer break ...


Your question should be "What positions are available for me to apply for?"

Goals for the next month include ensuring your CV is professional and tailored to the employer's needs, making certain your LinkedIn profile is strong, brushing up on your interview skills and getting out into the marketplace. However, a word of caution! Do not jump for the sake of jumping. Many people flee their organisation but do almost no due diligence on their new employer. This leads them out of the frying pan into the fire, and, on the whole things have not changed in terms of job satisfaction and engagement.

All the very best for 2019 and I hope and pray it's the best year ever for you.

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