The company he founded might be having a cheeky dig at Ikea on social media.

But Sir Stephen Tindall took the high road when approached by the Herald this morning.

In fact, he predicted the Swedish giant would do very well with its NZ launch.

"Ikea are an absolutely world-class company," Tindall said.


"They do well wherever they go. I think they'll be a big success in New Zealand,' he predicts.

The retail pioneer heaped on more praise.

"The thing I really love about them is that they are putting sustainability at the front and centre," said Sir Stephen, whose Tindall Foundation has invested heavily in environmental projects - including the planting of more than 22 million trees.

"So they're a great example of what can be done in retail."

"They do well wherever they go. I think they'll be a big success in New Zealand," Sir Stephen Tindall says. Photo / Natalie Slade.

Asked about Ikea's impact on the competition, Tindall said, "They probably will have an effect on the overall New Zealand market - primarily furniture but housewares as well."

"I think they'll be great for the consumer" he added.

"And good competition is really good for the incumbents."

The Ikea effect won't be felt straight away.


"It takes quite a long time to get these big stores up and running," Tindall said.

"In years to come, they'll probably have some effect on the Warehouse, but I think the Warehouse will continue to do very well."

The Warehouse's national coverage - and the attendant ability for people to order online then collect from a nearby store - would be a "huge advantage," Tindall said.