If there's something New Zealanders love it is to eat delicious food in the comfort of their own homes - at least judging by Uber Eats' latest stats for 2018.

Someone in Auckland, for example, is clearly living their best life - ordering Uber Eats a total of 438 times this year (and the year is not even over yet).

We can only guess (and hope) this is not the same person who made the most expensive order on Uber Eats in New Zealand this year - $870 for 151 items of Wendy's from Dominion Rd, in Auckland.

At the other end of the scale, someone used the app to make the smallest order of the year: a single sachet of ketchup (needs must).


The stats also show that Kiwis have a diverse palate. One person managed to try food from 109 different restaurants this year.

But still, no matter how much variety we have at the touch of a button, it seems our greatest love, when it comes to takeaways, is still the humble butter chicken. This was the most ordered item via the app in 2018.

The item people most searched for in the app was "burgers" (clearly before deciding to go ahead and order a butter chicken anyway).

It seems Kiwis are not really that picky. "No onion" was the most common special instruction - followed by "no tomato" and "extra sauce".

As for the late-night munchies, the big craving is the classic Big Mac combo - this was the number one choice up and down the country after midnight.

Collectively, New Zealanders through Uber Eats ate 505,595 burritos and 653,430 chicken McNuggets this year. A fine effort in not-so-fine dining.