Achva and La Mamma tahini products are being recalled due to the risk of salmonella infection.

The sesame seed condiments, which are imported from Israel, are sold through a number of wholesale channels, retail stores and supermarkets across the country including in Gilmours, Pak'nSave and Fruit World stores, Bidfood, and on the La Mamma website.

In a food recall notice, Cuisine Market, the supplier of Achva and La Mamma products in New Zealand, advised consumers not to consume the products.

"If you have purchased any of the products listed on this notice, please do not consume. There have been reports of associated illness overseas," the notice stated.


"Consumers should return the products to their retailer for a full refund."

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has also issued a food recall notice, and is urging anyone who has eaten the products to seek medical advice.

The recall does not affect other Achva and La Mamma products.

The Israeli Ministry of Health has reported 38 cases of salmonella infection linked to the products and in the US there have been five confirmed cases.

It is understood that those affected in the US had eaten tahini or hummus made with tahini in restaurants.

Five brands of tahini products were recalled in the US last month because a sample tested positive for a strain of salmonella - a bacteria which causes food poisoning.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has also reported cases of salmonella infection but has not confirmed how many people contracted the infection.

There have been no reported cases in New Zealand.

Georgatti hummus sold in Farro Fresh stores was made with the recalled tahini products. Photo / MPI
Georgatti hummus sold in Farro Fresh stores was made with the recalled tahini products. Photo / MPI

Georgatti brand Gattings has also recalled two of it hummus products, Beetroot Hummus and Our Hummus, due to the possible presence of salmonella. These products were manufactured using the recalled tahini.

The hummus products are sold at Farro Fresh stores throughout Auckland and on its website.

Cuisine Market director Avi Fadida said the tahini products it had received from Israeli manufacturer Achdut had passed independent salmonella testing but as a safety precaution was recalling the products.

"We've informed all of our customers about the recall, asked them to check [manufacturing batches], took the products off the shelves and put on hold, placed the notice on the shelf where the tahini was displayed for sale as well as at the payment area," Fadida said.

"We are working with MPI by our best to try to prevent the issue to happen in New Zealand."

Fadida said the company was arranging the collection of the tahini products from all outlets it had supplied the product to.

The Herald has approached MPI for further comment.

Symptoms of salmonella:

• Pain in the abdomen and muscles
• Chills and fever
• Loss of appetite
• Diarrhoea or blood in stool
• Weakness and fatigue
• Vomiting