Instagram is wildly popular.

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has around 1 billion active users per month.

But most of them share a common frustration: you can look at your Instagram account from a PC, but you can't post pictures. For that, you have to be on a mobile.

This morning, I hit social media looking for a workaround.


One arrived from @WendyWings (cheers, Wendy).

If you're using Google's Chrome browser, simply go to this page on the Chrome Web Store then click the option to install Desktop for Instagram.

An icon for this free app will be added to Chrome's nav bar.

Click it to open Desktop for Instagram (pictured below), then you can merrily add photos from your laptop or your desktop at work.

Yes - now, finally, you can spend even more of your time on social media.

If you don't like it for any reason, removing Desktop for Instagram is also a one-click process.

Thanks also to reader Stephen Laurent and Auckland man Juha Saarinen, who both sent this tip on how to upload photos to Instagram on a Mac using Safari

1.Open Safari and head to Preferences > Advanced and make sure Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar is toggled on.
2. Head to the Instagram website and log in to your account.
3. Then select Develop (from the menu bar) > User Agent > Safari - iOS 11 - iPhone


If you're more geekily-minded, you can go into Chrome's developer view (using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-I, then hit Ctrl-Shift-M to make your desktop browser show Instagram in mobile view. Hit Ctrl-Shift-I again to revert to your usual browser view.

Desktop for Instagram.
Desktop for Instagram.